Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (no spoilers)

Hey!  I finished reading it yesterday.  I’ve been blogging lately on my LiveJournal account – I really like the feature to reply to comments, there’s more community related stuff on there, and it’s more customisable.  So click here (not here) to read my blog, especially my thoughts on Deathly Hallows!!!


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‘Harry Potter’ star Daniel Radcliffe is happy to have sex with girls who are only interested in him because of his fame.

The 17-year-old actor insists he is too young to settle down and is keen to take advantage of any groupies he has.

He said: “Girls who want to go out with me just because I’m famous has never been a problem. I’m 17. I don’t care.

“Obviously, if I wanted a deep and meaningful relationship then I wouldn’t want to be going out with somebody who is only with me because I’m an actor, but if you don’t a relationship like that then it’s fine.”

However, Daniel is adamant he wouldn’t stay with a girl who called him Harry during sex.

He said: “People do call me Harry. I once had a friend call me it by accident. If there’s another person in the room called Harry and somebody shouts their name I do respond slightly, which is embarrassing.

“But no one has ever said it in the throws of passion. That would be the end of that session. Go now!”

Daniel reprises his role as the boy wizard for the fifth time in new movie ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’.

For the source click here.

No comment.

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  date   05-Jul-2007 21:49  
  subject   Symantec Mail Security detected that you sent a message containing prohibited content within the message body. (SYM:14659495380101386991)  
  mailed-by   education.nsw.gov.au

Symantec Mail Security detected that you sent a message containing prohibited content within the message body.

This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain privileged information or confidential information or both. If you are not the intended recipient please delete it and notify the sender.




My friend got one after she sent an email saying:

“Yayy can’t wait to see everyone (and the play)!” – Linda, lol screw everyone and/or the play, i shall lose my virginity to andrew hansen, i shall be eye fucking him for 1hour and 10minutes straight *dreamy eyes*”

I replied to that email .. AND GOT THE SAME EMAIL.

Does anyone have any idea about what this is about? THIS SURELY IS BLATANT RIGHTS INFRINGING CENSORSHIP!!!

But then again, Australia doesn’t have a bill of human rights. In fact, there is nothing in the law that states anything about human rights, it’s just ‘generally accepted’ by the law.


If anyone has any idea about why I’m getting this please let me know. I’m going to KICK THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONS BUTT.

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ABC’s 75th Birthday at their headquarters in Ultimo

AHH!  I had so much fun today!  The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is my all time favourite TV station and radio station and they opened up their studios today and had all these mad live events going on.  They closed of 3 streets around their headquarters and had all these mad acts going on.  So here’s the stuff I saw (check my MySpace for pics!):

– The Chaser’s War on Everything set

– The New Inventors set

– At the Movies set

– The ABC news studio set

– Giant PlaySchool toys

– Fifi the Flowerpot whatever character person (complete with Scottish accent on stage!) and Bumble, the obese bee

– 702 ABC broadcasting live

– I got lots of free tattoos, bumper stickers and postcards

–  The Wiggles playing as The Cockroaches, their original band

–  Andrew Denton

– The Chasers (only Craig and Chris)

– Myf Warhurst

– Aunty Jack

– Peter Cundall from Gardening Australia

– Youthgroup the band performed live!!!  We were standing right up the front for the whole performance!!!

– They did a mini debate that interviews are better than music, and a lot of celebrities were involved

– Got Youthgroup’s autographs!  They also signed Bec’s shoe!

– Saw Dr. Karl from those microsleep ads

– Kerry O’Brien

– Yvonne Lam with her two sisters, who spotted us on the big screen they had and came to the front to say hello.  Because they had cameras all over the place and because we were right at the front we got into lots of shots

And heaps more!  But that’s the main stuff.  It was AWESOME, so much fun!  I saw so much cool stuff!  Bec took heaps of pics so they will be up on my MySpace and possibly my Flickr if I’m bothered to upload them twice.

I also got a very cool bright red 702 ABC radio foam hat which I prompty put on and wore for half the day

I had a really great time.  Lots more stuff was on but that will take a very long time to go through in detail.

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United 93

I’m studying United 93 in English this year and I rented it so I could watch it in one go without disturbances.  It was a lot better than I expected it to be and I know I’m really going to enjoy studying it.  It wasn’t overly dramatic – most of it was filmed on hand held cameras which were a bit shaky.  It was very intense.  I’m not really in the right mindset to review it properly right now, but I definitely recommend everyone to watch it.

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My interesting morning

Today I was supposed to go to my school athletics carnival but it got canceled because it’s raining.  So now I’m bumming around at home trying to do work, but really not, because it’s all hard and boring.  I found a whole bunch of CDs and put them all on my computer.  That was pretty exciting.  I found albums from The Darkness, Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, Linkin Park (eww), The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, I could go on.

One thing I really don’t like is when people who I don’t know very well and haven’t met in real life post blog rants about how crap and miserable their life is.  I want to comment, except I have no idea what to say.  Should I comment about something insignificant and shallow?  Should I add a bit of humour?  Or would that be belittling their problems?   Maybe I should comfort them.  But wouldn’t that be rude because I don’t know them?  These are all difficult questions which I am currently being faced, while I figure out whether to comment or not.

I’ve been waiting since 9pm last night (that’s, like, 16 hours!) for the new episode of The Chasers War on Everything to be uploaded onto the iTunes Podcast thing.  FINALLY, after continually clicking ‘update podcast’ I’ve finally got the new episode!  I think all morning I’ve had this mentality that once I watch it I’ll do work.  So I guess I’ll have to watch it and find out.  If you aren’t familiar with that show I strongly suggest you check it out.

Here’s a little summary thing: Filmed in front of a studio audience, the Logie Award-winning team of both CNNNN and The Chaser Decides, will be doing what they do best – confronting andlampooning key players from the world of politics, business, religion, media and culture.

Did they win a Logie?  I don’t recall that ever happening.  But whatever.  It’s a hilarious show (admittedly not as funny as last season though).  Some of it is Aussie politics but they also do a lot of International stuff that everyone will understand.

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Wacom Graphire4 Graphics Tablet

My dad just came back from Singapore and he got me a beautiful white graphics tablet over there!  It’s 6×8 inches which is perfect for using it as a replacement for my mouse.  I use drawing programs with both hands though – I use the graphics tablet with my left hand (cos I’m left handed) and use my mouse in my right hand.  It makes stuff so much quicker to do.  The only annoying thing about it is having to move it when I want to eat in front of my computer.  And I tend to spill drinks on it.  Oops!

I highly recommend anyone who wants to get into digital art to get one – it is a thousand times better than attempting to draw with a mouse.  It takes about 30mins to an hour to get used to and they start at around $150 for a Wacom tablet.

In other news tomorrow is my school athletics carnival and I am planning to take my camera and spend most of the day taking pictures instead of competing.  Usually I’d compete except I haven’t done any exercise in the past year since I stopped netball and I’m not looking forward to not coming at least in the top 10 in my age group :(.  It will be very depressing to have people I used to beat beat me.  But I’m sure I will get over it!

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